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Enjoying the Summer Sun and keeping your skin youthful and healthy comes hand in hand.
So often, we neglect our skin and don’t wear sun lotion when it’s clouded or raining (or even snowing) because we don’t associate this weather with UV sunlight. So we’re here to shed a little light (excuse the pun) with our top 5 things you need to know when bathing in the great British outdoors this Summer…
  1. UV light causes damage to the DNA of skin cells. Think of a glass which is slowly filled over your lifetime. First it spills over into wrinkles, uneven skin colour and texture, and then eventually it can develop into skin cancer.
  2. UV light is present all day long even when the sun isn’t shining and even comes through windows (UVA).
  3. UVA and UVB both cause damage. UVA is a longer ray so it tends to cause damage deeper…like collagen and elastic fibres. UVB is a shorter ray so it tends to damage the outer layer (epidermis) and cause blotchiness and skin cancers.
  4. Zinc oxide is the only common sun lotion ingredient available that blocks both UVB and UVA most effectively. Look for 10-20%.
  5. Clothing and hats work! Going for a walk? Sun lotion and a hat make a big difference over time.

Read the bottle. The easiest thing is to look at the Active Ingredients and you want to look for zinc oxide 10-20%.

If you are concerned about the aging of your skin – we offer a range of treatments which can support you to return your youthful glow! Learn more about our Anti-Wrinkle Injections here or our Microneedling & Dermarolling treatment which can support the recovery of skin pigmentation damage here.

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