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Welcome to Pure Holistic Beauty in the beautiful coastal village of Netley, Southampton.

Beauty Salon in Southampton Offering Dermatological Treatments by Trained Experts

Highly Effective Cosmetic Treatments

I‘ve over 24 years experience in the beauty industry and I’ve been working in the fabulous village of Netley for over 18 years, I founded PURE Holistic Beauty in 2007.  I am also fully insured & licensed with Eastleigh council.

I pride myself on creating treatments for you that will leave you feeling wonderful and looking fantastic.

My range of appointments include award winning one-to-one Beauty treatments, Body treatments and Advanced Aesthetic treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, Profhilo, fat dissolving injections and vitamin booster shots,  all of which take place in a private treatment room. 

PURE uses the latest technology anti-ageing soft surgery treatments using Plasma fibro-blast, Advanced Electrolysis and bespoke Environ facials as well as Beauty and Holistic treatments especially designed to help you escape to peace and tranquility.

Sometimes we all have skin concerns and blemishes that we’d like a little help with, these can include Skin Tags, Milia,  Seborrheic warts, Common warts, Verrucas, Campbell de Morgan spots, Spider Naevi, Blood spots, Cherry angiomas, Sun spots, Liver spots and Pigmentation marks can all be treated.

I can also treat for you, Broken and Dilated capillaries aka Red thread veins as well as spider veins and thread veins using our NEW TREATMENT Micro-Sclerotherapy. Learn more about how Micro-Sclerotherapy could help you by clicking here.

Have a look at the treatments available and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Award-winning laser treatments designed to revitalise your skin

Available at PURE Holistic Beauty Salon in Southampton

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal

At our laser hair removal salon, we use state-of-the-art technology to zap away unwanted hair deep down into the follicle. 

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective way to say goodbye to your unwanted ink.

Laser Thread Vein Removal

Laser thread vein removal

If you are seeking a permanent solution to eliminate the need to conceal thread veins, laser therapy could be the answer for you!

Laser Pigmentation Removal

Laser pigmentation removal

Have you been struggling with pigmentation issues and looking for a solution? Well, look no further than laser treatment for pigmentation!

advanced electrolysis treatments in Southampton

Blemish & Skin Tag Removal Treatments

At PURE Holistic Beauty Salon, advanced electrolysis is our speciality and we can’t wait to share the amazing results we have achieved with you. Advanced electrolysis is one of the least invasive and most reliable methods of treating a wide variety of cosmetic skin imperfections. 

With many years of advanced training and experience, at PURE Holistic, we can use Advanced Electrolysis treatments to help with a variety of skin conditions and blemishes including; warts, moles, skin tags, hair in moles, blood spots, spider veins, seborrheic warts and verrucas. check out some of our fantastic results below and book your consultation appointment today! 

Prices start from just £99

Blemish Removal Treatment Before and After Pictures

Tips, FAQs and Updates About Your Cosmetic Treatments

Stay informed and stay current with the most recent news, all provided by our cosmetic specialists at PURE Holistic Beauty Salon in Southampton

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Our Lovely Clients Say About Our Treatments. . .

“My appointments were really great thank you. You were totally professional and informative. The treatments for skin tag and warts were vertually painless and the healing is going well. Thank you for being so caring. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.”

Christine F

“I had the Plasma Fibro-Blast carried out by Jacqui who from the start made me feel at ease, thoroughly explained the treatment, pre, and post-care, and gave an honest appraisal of what results I could hope to get. Two weeks on and I am so pleased I am booking in again to have more areas treated. Highly recommend!”

Jo K

“Jackie was brilliant, helped me understand what the treatment was going to do, how long it would take and then was a very relaxing and gentle treatment. I have booked 3 other appointments.”

Ruth T

This is the first time of using these services. Jacqui had been highly recommended. Jacqui was most welcoming and made me feel at ease from the consultation through to the actual treatment. She talked through the process, answered any questions and went through after care. Jacqui comes across as confident, very knowledgeable and experienced. She did not disappoint.”

Melanie B

“Lovely to revisit Pure again yesterday after reopening from Lockdown and to be greeted by a smiling Jacqui in full PPE. Professional service as always and a lovely pamper and catch up. Thank you :)”

Tracey Scott

“Very professional service in private and relaxed surroundings. Very happy with my treatment and I will be going again. The staff are very friendly and welcoming”
Deanne L

I Highly recommend this business.  Very professional, competitively priced service in a clean and welcoming environment. My procedure was fully explained beforehand, and the after care was exceptional, as were my results of treatment. I will definitely be returning.”

Paula W

“Well Jacqui at pure has been totally amazing!! I have had my annoying tags removed. She is so professional and caring. It was quick and painless. I feel a million dollars now! Brilliant…..”

Georgie V

I have a lot of respect for people who make professional development a key part of what they do. I’ve always been impressed with how Jacqui dedicates a lot her time to furthering her skills and qualifications. There’s a big difference between someone who undertakes a profession for a job versus someone who genuinely loves doing it. Jacqui’s not only highly qualified to begin with, but you can also be assured that she’s privy to latest best practices, techniques and treatments. When it comes to your face or any other part of your body really… that’s something you shouldn’t entrust to anyone lightly. So this is why she very much deserves a 5-star rating.

James R

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