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Welcome to Pure Holistic Beauty in the beautiful coastal village of Netley, Southampton.

I‘ve over 20 years experience in the beauty industry and I’ve been working in the fabulous village of Netley for over 16 years, I founded PURE Holistic Beauty in 2007.

I pride myself on creating treatments for you that will leave you feeling wonderful and looking fantastic.

My treatments for you are award winning one-to-one Beauty treatments, Body treatments and Advanced Aesthetic treatments, all take place in a private treatment room.

PURE uses the latest technology anti-ageing soft surgery treatments using Plasma fibro-blast, Advanced Electrolysis and bespoke Environ facials as well as Beauty and Holistic treatments especially designed to help you escape to peace and tranquility.

Sometimes we all have skin concerns and blemishes that we’d like a little help with, these can include Skin Tags, Milia, Sebaceous Cysts, Xanthoma, Hyperplasia, Seborrheic warts, Common warts, Verrucas, Campbell de Morgan spots, Spider Naevi, Blood spots, Cherry angiomas, Sun spots, Liver spots and Pigmentation marks can all be treated.

I can also treat for you, Broken and Dilated capillaries aka Red thread veins.

Have a look at the treatments available and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Do I need a Vitamin B12 Injection?

*Lack of energy
*Muscle weakness
*Extreme fatigue or tiredness
*Yellow eyes
*Pale or slightly yellow tinge to skin tone
*Pin and needles (paraesthesia)
*Shortness of breath and dizziness
*Disturbed vision
*Sore and or red tongue
*Mouth ulcers
*Psychological problems
*Changes in mobility
*Memory loss and understanding problems

We are OPEN! Thursday 3rd December!! Book Now!

Woop Woop! We are back! Thursday 3rd December we will be back at PURE Holistic Beauty.... Gosh has that month just whizzed by for you?? Kirsty and I have been doing lots of training while we have been away... we are super excited to say we will have some fabulous new...

Boris Say’s we can re-Open!

I'm am just doing a little happy dance around my lounge. Boris has announced that PURE can re-open on Thursday 3rd December, are you booked in? www.pureholisticbeauty.co.uk Starting booking yourself some well deserved pampering ahead of the rush in December once we...

I’m so sad to share this news with you!

    I'm sure you have heard the same news that I have just heard on BBC News. I'm so sad to say that as of Thursday 5th November PURE Holistic Beauty is going to have to temporarily close till 2nd December. When these restrictions lift we will be full steam...

Nestle into November

Book yourself some well deserved pampering You Time! How are those shoulders feeling? Are you in need of a massage? We have a fantastic November promotion just for you here at PURE Nestle into November, Book yourself some relaxation time Come fall onto our warming...

Pumpkins have loads of Benefits for Your Skin!

Pumpkins are more than just something to crave spooky faces into and light with a candle… Pumpkins actually have an abundance of beauty benefits for you.

We can touch your face again!

I've got that fantastic Friday feeling, Have you? Boris announced late last night that finally at PURE we can touch your face again! I'm super...

New TreatmentWonderful Body Scrub and Massage Treatment!

The most Wonderful NEW Treatment for you! Full Body Scrub & a Full Body Massage with Chocolate and Orange Aromatherapy Oils. If you think eating chocolate is bad for you, it's time to indulge your skin. Bitter Chocolate Aromatherapy oil is rich in antioxidants as...

Open Letter

So the treatments we can offer at the moment are..

Anti-Stress Massage & Hot Stones Aromatherapy Massage
Shellac, Gelish & Rockstar Glitter, Fingers & Toes
Luxury Manicure & Luxury Pedicures
Callus Peel of Feet
Skintags removal
Mole reduction
Verrucas removed
Seborrheic Keratosis removed
Sebaceous Cysts reduced
Xanthelasma reduced
Warts and Milia treatments

Seborrhoeic Keratosis aren’t dangerous

Seborrhoeic Keratosis (Seborrheic is the American spelling) If your skin changes unexpectedly, you should always seek advice from a doctor. A Seborrhoeic wart is a type of skin growth, which is harmless, but can be unsightly, causing concern for the person whos skin...

Our Lovely Clients Say. . .

“I had the Plasma Fibro-Blast carried out by Jacqui who from the start made me feel at ease, thoroughly explained the treatment, pre, and post-care, and gave an honest appraisal of what results I could hope to get. Two weeks on and I am so pleased I am booking in again to have more areas treated. Highly recommend!”

Jo K

“Lovely to revisit Pure again yesterday after reopening from Lockdown and to be greeted by a smiling Jacqui in full PPE. Professional service as always and a lovely pamper and catch up. Thank you :)”

Tracey Scott

I Highly recommend this business.  Very professional, competitively priced service in a clean and welcoming environment. My procedure was fully explained beforehand, and the after care was exceptional, as were my results of treatment. I will definitely be returning.”

Paula W

“Very professional service in private and relaxed surroundings. Very happy with my treatment and I will be going again. The staff are very friendly and welcoming”
Deanne L

“Well Jacqui at pure has been totally amazing!! I have had my annoying tags removed. She is so professional and caring. It was quick and painless. I feel a million dollars now! Brilliant…..”

Georgie V

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