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Eyelid skin tag removal

Milia Removal Service Using Non-Invasive Electrolysis


Welcome to PURE Holistic Beauty, your premier destination for milia removal treatments in Southampton. With two convenient locations in Netley and Warsash, our award-winning salon, recognised as the Winner of the English Hair and Beauty Awards 2024, offers expert skincare services to help you achieve clearer, healthier skin.


Why Choose Milia Removal at PURE Holistic Beauty?

Milia removal is an ideal solution if you want to address and eliminate those small, white cysts that appear on your skin. At PURE Holistic Beauty in Southampton, our skilled skincare specialists use non-invasive electrolysis to safely and effectively remove milia without causing damage to surrounding healthy skin tissues.


How Milia Removal Works

The procedure involves using a sterile needle to make a tiny incision in the skin covering the milia. The contents of the milia are then carefully extracted. Sometimes you’ll hear a fizz as the electrical current breaks down the milia contents. This process is non-surgical, pain-free, and does not require anesthetic or numbing cream, ensuring a comfortable experience for our clients.


Benefits of Milia Removal at PURE Holistic Beauty

Non-Invasive and Pain-Free: Our electrolysis method is a gentle, non-surgical procedure.
No Anesthetic Needed: The treatment is comfortable without the need for numbing agents.
Expert Care: Performed by our award-winning skincare specialists at our Southampton locations in Netley and Warsash.


Causes of Milia

Milia can develop due to prolonged sun exposure, skin damage such as burns and blistering, or the use of tanning beds. To prevent milia, it’s essential to protect your skin with sunblock and avoid harmful UV exposure.


How to Remove Milia


Effective milia removal requires professional treatment. At PURE Holistic Beauty, our team provides the best solutions tailored to your specific skin needs. With our expertise, you can achieve the clear skin you desire.


PURE Holistic Beauty Locations

PURE Holistic Beauty proudly serves clients at two locations within Southampton: Netley and Warsash. Our award-winning salon ensures you receive top-notch skincare treatments in a safe and welcoming environment.


Milia Removal FAQs

  • What other skin conditions can be treated by electrolysis?

In addition to milia, electrolysis is effective for treating cherry angiomas, age spots, moles, skin tags, warts, verrucas, and more.

  • Is the milia removal treatment expensive?

The cost of milia removal varies based on the size and type of milia. At your consultation appointment, we will provide a detailed price for your treatment. Rest assured, the cost is reasonable and the results are worth it.

  • Is milia removal a reliable treatment?

Yes, milia removal is a highly effective treatment that can help eliminate skin imperfections and boost your confidence.

  • Is milia removal safe?

Absolutely. Milia removal at PURE Holistic Beauty is performed by award-winning skincare specialists with years of industry experience. The treatment is safe for adults over the age of 18.

  • Is milia removal painful?

No, the procedure is not painful. It is a quick process that allows you to return to your daily routine immediately.


Book Your Consultation Today

Contact PURE Holistic Beauty in Southampton to learn more about our milia removal services and to book a consultation. You can reach us at 07387 003 503 or book online at www.pureholisticbeauty.co.uk. Visit our award-winning salon at either of our two locations in Netley and Warsash and take the first step towards clearer, healthier skin.

Experience the exceptional care at PURE Holistic Beauty, the award-winning salon in Southampton, and let us help you achieve your beauty goals.



“The treatment I received was for a very stubborn skin tag. Jacqui at PURE was fantastic, I found her very welcoming and professional. The whole experience was pleasant, and I was put at ease by being talked through the treatment before hand in a calm and reassuring manner. I would recommend PURE to anyone. Five stars are not enough! Thank you”

– Graham G

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