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Learn more about all of our injectable treatments to enhance your natural features. 

Microneedling and dermarolling

microneedling and dermarolling are cosmetic procedures in which small surface scratches are made in the skin to improve many skin concerns. this is then finished with a gold collegen mask to leave you feeling refreshed and glowing.

anti-wrinkle injections

smooth out wrinkles and fine lines with our anti-wrinkle injections (also known as botox). a series of small injections will relax the muscles resulting in a fresh finish.


Aqualyx fat dissolving injections are a non-surgical solution to minimise and remove stubborn localised pockets of fat from the body. 


A Vitamin B12 booster shot is a concentrated dose of Vitamin B12 that is delivered directly into the bloodstream for a fast, convenient boost of your energy levels, your immune health and your mood. At PURE our skincare experts offer Vitamin B12 Booster Shots following a consultation to ensure you’re suitable for treatment.

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