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Do you have warts and verruca’s?

Most people know what warts and verruca’s look like, they are small, rough lumps of skin caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV)
Most people get one at some point in their lives, Did you ever have one on your foot as a child?

Warts on your feet are called Verruca’s.

You can get warts anywhere on your body, they are most commonly found on people hands, they can spread from contaminated surfaces or close skin contact, shaking hands with someone can pass a wart on!

You are more likely to spread a wart or verruca onto someone else from skin that is wet, damp or damaged.

A verruca or wart can take months to appear once contact with the virus has been made, which means you’ll never really know where you did pick up your wart.

What does a Wart or Verruca look like?

It looks like a a tiny little cauliflower in appearance. If your wart is in a weight bearing area like your feet, it will have been flattened and the surface can become a little crumbly, sometimes you’ll be able to see tiny black dots within the verrcuca’s centre.

As these little cauliflower like lumps, have been pushed in by the weight of your foot, these tiny black dots that you can see are tiny blood vessels, if you squeeze them, with is not recommended, they may bleed, and it’ll also be painful too.
If you scratch a wart or verruca, the viral particles may spread to other areas of your skin. You can be more likely to develop them in other areas too!

As your verruca dies after treatment at PURE Holistic Beauty it can change colour, When it turns black, your verruca or wart is dead and will slowly drop off. Some warts and Verruca will need more than one treatment. If treating on the foot the soles can become uncomfortable after treatment, they can sometimes feel sore for a few days.

How to stop Warts and Verrucas spreading

Wash your hands after touching your wart or verruca.
Change you socks daily if you have a verruca.
Cover when swimming, use hot tub too.
Take care not cut while shaving

Share towels, flannels, socks or shoes.
Bite or suck your warts.
Walk barefoot in a public place.
Do not pick or scratch.

At PURE Holistic Beauty we are skincare experts.

Qualified to use Advanced Electrolysis to remove your wart or verruca.

Before your treatment can even begin it is important that you stop using any commercially bought products for at least 2 weeks in advance of your treatment at PURE.

This will reduce the risk of any sensitive skin reactions.

Most salon guest’s say that this treatment is a little uncomfortable but not painful.
The treatment are will feel warm for a short time afterwards and the treatment itself takes about 15 minutes for each wart.

Normally around a month afterwards you will need a follow-up treatment. This treatment normally needs no more than 2 appointments.
Scabs will develop, which you must leave alone, they will come away in their own time… the area should be healed in around 14 days.

No matter what type of wart you may have, that maybe causing you distress PURE Holistic Beauty’s Skincare experts use safe and proven Advanced Electrolysis for removal treatment, which can help you to feel fantastic about your skin again.

For the best treatment advice contact www.pureholisticbeauty.co.uk

All treatments are based on your suitability prior to any treatment taking place.
A full consultation with medical questionnaire and consent forms will be needed during initial consultation.
PURE Holistic Beauty can not guarantee results of treatments, these will differ on an individual basis, with likely effectiveness to be discussed during initial consultation.
Permanence of results is not guaranteed.

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