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The most Wonderful NEW Treatment for you!

Full Body Scrub & a Full Body Massage with Chocolate and Orange Aromatherapy Oils.

If you think eating chocolate is bad for you, it’s time to indulge your skin.

Bitter Chocolate Aromatherapy oil is rich in antioxidants as well as intoxicating aromas, that will nourish your skin too!

Is your skin feeling Dehydrated and Dry?

Bitter Chocolate and Orange aromatherapy massage oil used at PURE Holistic Beauty will help to repair dry skin, it contains Iron, vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E  your skin will feeling super soft too!

When applied to the skin chocolate aromatherapy oil has the ability to repair and hydrate the parts of you that have been exposed to the sun or tucked away within your clothes, But I won’t for a minute suggest slacking on your sunscreen… Keep your SPF topped up on your skin at all times.

Chocolate helps us to feel calmer…
Is chocolate your go to if you’re feeling a little stress?
Cocoa helps to reduce stress hormones but of course it come with calories…
With this fab new treatment you can have your body wrapped in the aroma of chocolate and orange but without the worry of an extra pound or two.

Orange aromatherapy oils have so many benefits for you to… these are just a few…

*Lifting of your mood and reducing of stress
*Can help treat Acne
*Help to reduce pain from inflammation
*Can add weight-loss
*Increase exercise performance
*Reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression
*Can help combat Colds and Flu

Would you love a full body skin invigorating body scrub to leave your skin feeling super smooth?

Followed by a full body massage with Chocolate and Orange Aromatherapy relaxation oils??

Which means it’s totally calorie free!

Mmmm sounds good doesn’t it?

A whole hour of relaxation and indulgents just for you!

You can book online www.pureholisticbeauty.co.uk just look for the heading ‘New Treatment!’


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