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Have you ever gotten a tattoo that you now regret? You are not alone. 

Many people have tattoos that they wish to get rid of. Fortunately, laser treatment is a highly effective and popular method for removing tattoos. However, there are still many questions people have about the process of tattoo removal. In this article, I will cover the top 5 questions that people often ask about tattoo removal.

1. Can you completely remove a tattoo. 

Yes, you can! The most common and effective method of removing tattoos is laser treatment. Laser is considered to be a much better way to remove a tattoo, compared with alternative methods like skin grafting or tattoo removal creams. Some tattoos will go completely, while others will be extremely faded. Any ink left remaining will be so insignificant that you won’t be able to really tell what the tattoo was.

2. How painful is tattoo removal?

The process can be painful, but not unbearable. You’ve already put yourself through the pain of getting the ink done in the first place, so you’ll be able to take the laser treatment to remove a tattoo. It feels like someone constantly twanging you with a hot elastic band or like the hot oil that ‘spits’ while you fry an egg. But, you we reduce the pain by using a numbing cream, which will take out the sting.

3. How much does it cost?

The cost varies greatly. A small tattoo will cost around £40-£50 per session, whereas a large tattoo or sleeve can cost £100-£200 + per session depending on how large it is. The number of treatments you’ll need will also affect the total cost. The sessions are spaced apart, approximately every 6-8 weeks so you don’t have to pay it all out at once. 

4. How does Laser tattoo removal work?

The high powered laser is flashed over your whole tattoo at every session. The laser shatters the ink in the tattoo, so that tiny particles come away. You will see a whitening effect, also called frosting. This looks impressive but is just the reaction of the laser hitting the ink, and only lasts around 15 minutes. Your body sends white blood cells to the tattoo and your body’s clever little cells, go and mop up the tiny particles of ink which have been broken off. Once the ink has been mopped up, it comes out in your urine! You then go back for your next Laser tattoo removal session and the process is repeated until the tattoo is completely removed.

5. How many sessions does it take to remove a tattoo?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about tattoo removal. The number of sessions required to remove a tattoo depends on various factors, such as whether it is a professional or an amateur tattoo, where it is located on your body, and your overall health and lifestyle. An amateur tattoo (so a D-I-Y tattoo) can sometimes be removed in as little as 2 sessions, but may take up to 5. A professional tattoo will take anything from 5 sessions upwards, although the average is around 10 sessions sometimes. The further away from the heart, such as on your foot or fingers, the longer it takes to remove.

In conclusion, if you have a tattoo that you regret, laser tattoo removal is an effective option to consider. While it can be painful and expensive, it can completely remove your tattoo, or fade it significantly, making it easier to cover up with another tattoo. 

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