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tattoo removal aftercare

So, you had a tattoo fling that’s no longer your forever love?

Fear not, laser tattoo removal is here to the rescue, and we’re making it a breeze at PURE Holistic Beauty salon in Netley, Southampton!


Why choose us for laser tattoo removal?

We’re not just experts; we’re Southampton’s skincare superheroes, armed with the latest laser ice technology.

Ready to say goodbye to that ink?

Let’s dive into the laser magic!


How Laser Tattoo Removal Works?

Our laser tattoo removal involves a superficial burn, bid adieu to pigmented ink, and voila—new, tattoo-free skin is born!

Learn more about our process here.


But what happens next?


How to Heal Blisters After Laser Tattoo Removal?

Blisters, Scabs, and Crusts, Oh My!

 Brace yourself for the skin’s wild ride—blisters, scabs, and crusts might show up for the afterparty!

No worries, it’s just your body’s way of saying, “I got this!”


Remedies for Blistering After Laser Tattoo Removal

Avoid scarring by following the golden aftercare rules!

Keep it clean, go easy on popping blisters (resist the urge!), and bask in the glory of antibacterial ointments.

Don’t forget your 50 SPF superhero cape for three months!

⏰ Patience is a Virtue: As crusts and scabs work their magic, be patient!


Your skin is on a healing journey, and we promise, the pigment loss is just a temporary blip.

Four weeks, and you’ll be glowing anew!


Top Tips for Your Aftercare:

Cleanliness is your BFF—mild soap (once the scabs and blisters have healed) and water, antibacterial ointment, cool compresses, and hello SPF 50+!

Skip aspirin, embrace Tylenol, and cozy up—no strenuous workouts for a while.

Your skin needs the pampering!

Ready to start the tattoo-free chapter?

Read more about tattoo removal aftercare.


PURE Holistic Beauty Laser Tattoo Removal is your go-to!

Whether it’s fading, revamping, or a clean slate, our superhero team is on it.

Fully insured and Eastleigh Council approved!


Time to bid adieu to the old ink and welcome a canvas that’s truly yours.

Trust the process, follow our aftercare gems, and let the magic unfold.

Your journey to radiant, tattoo-free skin starts here at PURE Holistic Beauty!

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