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Maskne aka Mask Acne are you suffering?

Is your Skin suffering while wearing a mask!

At PURE Holistic Beauty we have been asked a number of times how to care for your skin underneath your DIY face masks.

Are you experiencing skin issues?

Have you had a breakout of zit’s?

Have you decided to make your own cloth covering at home?

Or did you buy ready masks online?

Would you love to know how to keep your complexion clear?

Whichever ones you now have you are likely to have started to discover that your mask is now having an undesirable and uncomfortable side effect.

Maskne, Mask Acne and congestion.

I’m pretty sure that my mask is causing me a skin problem, my pores are clogged, I’ve little red bumps and little white pustules in the area around where my mask sits, ever since being back at PURE Holistic Beauty and wearing a mask I’ve been having little breakouts.

I’m sure you have seen the images since the start of the CoVID 19 pandemic on social media of health care workers who are dealing with skincare problems, many have seen an increase in rashes, breakouts and skin irritation as well as mask acne.

For some having to wear a mask daily can and will result in flare-ups, also aggravating pre-existing skin conditions.

Your mask can cause a multitude of problems for your skin, if part of your mask touches active acne, this will aggravate the acne, creating more inflamed spots.

Severe eczema and psoriasis can also worsen too.

You masks can accumulate sweat, which can lead to blocked pores.

Prevention is better than cure to keeping your skin clear.

While it may be tempting to cleanse after and before wearing a mask, it is still best to limit cleansing to twice a day, let your cleanser sit on your skin for 30 seconds to work it’s magic before removing from your skin, you only need to do this just once in the morning, again in the evening, anymore often than this, your skin may become dry and irritated, especially for those who already have a dry, sensitive mature skin type.

Try to pat your skin dry after cleansing, you don’t want to cause added irritation with friction from rubbing your skin.

Always use a moisturiser, at PURE Holistic Beauty we recommend either Eve Taylor or Environ skincare ranges, which are available at the salon, also monthly facials to help manage your skin.

It really is worth investing in a moisturiser that contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid as both these ingredients are highly moisturising, under your mask your skin will become dehydrated, dry and sore.

Creams that are anti-inflammatory and contain ingredients such as liquorice extract, green tea and turmeric can help to soothe red irritated inflamed skin.

Don’t use any harsh scrubs or chemical exfoliators which may worsen the mask acne problem and irritate your skin.

Your face mask will create a humid environment, leading to clogging of your pores and breakouts.

Have you noticed breakouts around your mouth, nose and chin area?

I know I embraced the no makeup quarantine face and I totally understand that makeup is a mood booster for some people, so if you can’t Minimise or go make-up free and stop using foundations, concealers and face powders, that will rub off onto your mask and create a bacterial build up on your mask.

Please use one that is oil-free and noncomedogenic, that is less likely to make you breakout when worn under your mask.

Your mask will trap make-up, sweat, oil, moisture and dirt, very close or touching your skin, this can result in an over growth of bacteria, which will create maskne, acne, inflamed hair follicles, red angry pimples and a flare up of rosacea, congestion and spots.

To treat the acne and skin blemishes caused by your mask talk to the skincare experts at PURE Holistic Beauty, we will help you with a cleansing routine and skincare products to help you manage the buildup of germs, makeup, lip balm, oils and even detergent residue on your skin.

Make sure you wash your germy mask after every use, use a gentle detergent, that’s dye free and fragrance free too.

You’ve heard it before… drink plenty of water and keep your skin hydrated too!

Your skin is not perfect, you’re a real life human with pores, as am I, somethings are beyond our control but at least I feel better about the situation and consider clearer skin one small problem solved for me and hopefully for you too!

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