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Mole removal NH


When faced with the need for mole or skin tag removal, individuals often find themselves at a crossroads between NHS services and private solutions.

Particularly when seeking removal for aesthetic reasons, the NHS might not be the go-to option.

In such cases, turning to the South Coast’s skincare experts at PURE Holistic Beauty in Netley, nestled on Southampton’s water edge, proves to be a wise choice.


Moles Removed on the NHS

Not Available for Aesthetic Reasons. The NHS primarily addresses health-related concerns, and mole removal for aesthetic reasons may not be considered a priority.


Individuals seeking removal solely for cosmetic purposes may find that the NHS is not equipped to fulfil these requirements.


Skin Tags Removed on the NHS


Not Available for Aesthetic Reasons,

Similar to moles, skin tags are often considered benign and not typically removed on the NHS unless there are underlying health concerns.

If you’re seeking removal for aesthetic reasons, it’s essential to explore private alternatives for a tailored and personalised solution.


Private Mole and Skin Tag Removal


PURE Holistic Beauty: The South Coast’s Skincare Experts in Southampton

At PURE Holistic Beauty, we understand the importance of addressing both health and aesthetic concerns. Our skincare experts specialise in private mole and skin tag removal, providing personalised solutions tailored to your unique needs.


Aesthetic Expertise:

Unlike NHS services, our focus extends beyond health considerations to meet aesthetic preferences. We prioritise your desired outcomes while maintaining a commitment to safety and professional care.


Convenient South Coast Location:

Situated in Netley on Southampton’s water edge, PURE Holistic Beauty offers a serene and easily accessible location for individuals seeking private skincare solutions.


Why Choose Private Treatment at PURE Holistic Beauty?


Tailored Solutions:

Our skincare experts create personalised treatment plans, ensuring that mole and skin tag removal align with your aesthetic goals.


State-of-the-Art Techniques:

We utilise advanced techniques to achieve optimal results with minimal discomfort and downtime.


Consultative Approach:

Experience a thorough consultation process at PURE Holistic Beauty, where your concerns are heard, and a comprehensive plan is crafted to address your specific needs.


Book Your Mole Removal Treatment with Us in Southampton


When faced with the decision of mole and skin tag removal, especially for aesthetic reasons, the NHS might not be the ideal choice.

Turn to the skincare experts at PURE Holistic Beauty on the South Coast, situated in Netley, Southampton, for a private and personalised treatment experience that prioritises both your health and aesthetic goals.


I saw a post from Jacqui on social media and some before and after of her previous work and I knew she was the person to help me. From the minute I stepped through the door Jacqui was friendly, calming and very reassuring explains every step of my treatment, she’s very professional and clearly very knowledgeable about the work she does, I will definitely be recommending Jacqui to my friends, family and pretty much anyone who will listen to me, thank you so much Jacqui


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