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The Myths and Facts of Skin Tags

Did you know you can have them removed by a skincare expert at PURE Holistic Beauty

Skin Tags are harmless growths on your body, Skintags are small, soft skin coloured growths on the surface of your body

Skin tags vary in size and colour, they can be found absolutely anywhere on your body

The most common places to find skin tags on your body

Neck, armpits and anywhere that clothes may cause friction or rub, you can even find skin tags on your eyelids

Skin tags are painless, non-cancerous growth on the skin
They are connected to your body by a small thin stalk called a Peduncle

If the skin tags bother you, you can opt to have them removed
PURE Holistic Beauty uses electrosurgery which is high frequency electrical energy to remove the skin tags, this is an Advanced Electrolysis procedure for the treatment and removal of skin irregularities

Having skin tags removed does not require any anaesthetic.

Many websites offer DIY instructions for removing skin tags by tying them off with pieces of string or applying a chemical peel. Even in a sterile environment, removing skin tags this way may cause bleeding, burning and or infections

How do I identify skin tags

The main way to identify your skin tags is by the peduncle.

Does your skin tag have a stalk?

Unlike moles and other skin growths, skin tags hang off the skin by the peduncle a.k.a. the small stalk.

Most skin tags are smaller than 2 mm in size, but can and will grow larger.

Skin tags have a soft touch, they can feel smooth and round or they may be wrinkly and asymmetric.

New no two skin tags look or feel the same.

Skin tags maybe flesh coloured they can also be darker than the surrounding skin due to hyperpigmentation. If your skin tags peduncle becomes twisted, it may turn black due to lack of blood flow.

What causes skin tags.

*There is no exact reason as to what causes skin tags

*Friction may well play a role, since they usually grow within skin-folds

*Skin tags are made up of blood vessels and collagen surrounded by an outer skin

*Skin tags are also a common side effect of pregnancy, which may be due to pregnancy hormones and weight gain

*In rare cases, multiple skin tags can be a sign of a hormone imbalance or an Endocrine problem

*Skin tags are not contagious

*They maybe a genetic connection as it is not unusual for multiple members of the same family to have them

Risk factors to consider

*Skin tags do not become cancer

*Irritation may occur if your Skintags are rubbed by clothing, jewellery or friction from other skin



*Insulin resistance

*Type II diabetes

*Have HPV

Shaving off a skin tag won’t cause permanent damage, then it might cause prolonged be bleeding and pain.


*Skin tags are not necessarily a cause for concern, for most people skin tags are just a nuisance

*If they don’t bother you, leave them alone.

*If you would like them removed please contact PURE Holistic Beauty arrange a consultation 02380 457070

*Some skin tags are stubborn and may need more than one treatment to get rid of especially if you have multiple skin tags or they have been there for a long period of time.

*If you have a Skin Tag that grows, bleeds or changes colour contact your doctors immediately

If you have any questions contact PURE Holistic Beauty


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