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Skin tags…

Are they bothering you?

What are they?

Skin tags are also know as acrochordons, they are soft skin growths that can look similar to very after party small deflated balloons, that are hanging around, they are a small piece of soft, hanging skin that has a stalk or peduncle. You can find them appearing absolutely anywhere on your body, especially in areas that rubs against clothing, other skin or where you have had minor trauma to the area.

Skin tags are made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by skin. Collagen is a type of protein found throughout the body. Skin tags are extremely common, effecting almost half the population. Skin tags are also known as skin lesions. Most are non-cancerous growths, but if yours is atypical or looks suspicious, you must seek medical advice from a doctor.

Skin tags are very common and generally occur around midlife… just one more thing to look forward to as we age! A few facts about skin tags:

  • Skin tags are benign, non cancerous, tumours of the skin
  • They can commonly occur in folds and creases of skin
  • They can be removed for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons
  • They are not dangerous, they don’t affect your health
  • Most are between 1-8mm but I’ve treated some that have measured up to 6cm
  • Can be related to heath issues such as diabetes, obesity or skin disorders like Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome.
  • Skin-tags can often go unnoticed unless the are repeatedly rubbed or scratched, by jewellery, clothing or when shaving, all of this can irritate the skin, sometimes self diagnosing skin-tags maybe incorrect and you may have something else, like a wart, skin disease or skin cancer.

If you are unsure of what you have on your skin always seek medical attention. Most skin tags tend to be either skin colour or slightly brownish, because of their general appearance they won’t be mistaken for any other type of growth by someone who is professionally trained to recognise, for an example a warts tends to be rough and irregular, and they don’t hang off the skin.

What exactly causes a skin tag isn’t know but my theory is that they can develop in areas where you have previously had minor trauma, then afterwards the skin is either rubbed against itself or against clothing, the body’s way to protect itself from the friction is to grow a skin tag. They tend to form in folds of skin where you have natural movement causing the skin to rub against itself. Areas where I treat most skin tags:

  • Armpits
  • Eyelids
  • Thighs
  • Neck
  • Under the breast

It is also known that skin tags are more common in older people, people who are type two diabetic, and people who are obese.

When to seek medical professional help for your skintags:

  • Your skin tag is causing you pain
  • Causing discomfit, catching on jewellery
  • Catching when shaving
  • If you aren’t sure if its a skin tag
  • If your skintag bleeds If you doctor thinks removal is appropriate you may find that you need to seek to have your skin blemished privately removed to book a consultation https://pureholisticbeauty.as.me/Electrolysis

At a consultation I will go over a full diagnosis of your skin tags after a evaluation, photographic evidence will be taken of your skin tag, I will ask about health related history, discussing with you any concerns that you have, answer any questions that you have, and talk you through the treatment process to remove your skin tags. I use advanced electrolysis to cauterise the skin tag. This leaves a very small scar in the area once the skin tag is removed. The scab will be on your skin for a few days, all after-care advice will be talked through to you at your consultation and on you day of treatment. It isn’t recommended to try to remove your skin tag at home, I’ve heard of people using string wrapped around the base of the area, I’ve even heard of someone who once used toenail clippers, doing anything like this is likely to cause a skin infection, excessive bleeding, sometimes its not a skin tag your removing.

Other conditions that may look like skin tags

  • Moles
  • Warts
  • Seborrheic keratosis
  • Skin cancer ( I am not medically trained to diagnose)

I’m highly qualified in this field of treatment, with over 25 years of professional knowledge and experience. I have may years of training to treat delicate problem areas such as skin tags on eyelids. I excel in minimising scarring to any area I treat. I offer a pain free treatment procedure to minimise any discomfort. You will have a small scab on the area after treatment which after a few days will fall off, you may notice slight skin imperfection after treatment, this will be hardly noticeable and will over time fade away.

How to prevent future skin tags:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid wearing jewellery around the neck
  • Adjust your clothing so it doesn’t rub and cause irritation to the skin
  • Avoid excess or rubbing any area

Skin tags are very common in males and females, there’s a very good chance that most of us will get at least one in our lifetime as we age. Although skin tags can be unsightly, they are non-cancerous and shouldn’t be of any concern. If their appearance bothers you, rubs against your jewellery, your clothing, catches while shaving etc. Then seek removal from an experienced professional lowers the risk of any complications and minimises scarring. Fast effective and safe blemish removal for the face and body is available at PURE.

To book a consultation at PURE call the salon on 02380 457070 or click the link https://pureholisticbeauty.as.me/Electrolysis

“The treatment I received was for a very stubborn skin tag. Jacqui at PURE was fantastic, I found her very welcoming and professional. The whole experience was pleasant, and I was put at ease by being talked through the treatment before hand in a calm and reassuring manner. I would recommend PURE to anyone. Five stars are not enough! Thank you” – Graham G

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