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New tattoo after laser removal


Ever thought tattoos were forever?

Think again! PURE Holistic Beauty, your Skincare Fairy Godmother in Southampton.


Tattoos, once considered permanent, now have a dynamic fate with the advancements in laser tattoo removal.

PURE Holistic Beauty, Southampton’s Skincare Experts, brings you essential insights into getting a new tattoo over previously tattooed skin. With the magic of laser tattoo removal, your skin gets a second chance.


Can You Get a New Tattoo After Laser Removal?


Absolutely, you can get a new tattoo over a removed one. However, patience is key. Both the laser removal and new tattoo processes require time for the skin to heal.

At PURE Holistic Beauty salon, we guide you through this transformative journey.


Understanding Laser Tattoo Removal


Laser tattoo removal, a specialty at PURE Holistic Beauty, employs light and heat energy to dissolve ink pigment.

This concentrated beam passes through the skin, targeting ink particles, which are then expelled by the body’s immune system.


Wait Time Before Re-Tattooing After Laser Removal


So, you’ve rocked the laser removal sessions at PURE Holistic Beauty. Now, cue the drumroll—you’ve got to wait, honey! 6-8 weeks post-treatment completion is your golden ticket to the next tattoo adventure. Patience.

The journey to a new tattoo involves completing the recommended laser removal sessions, influenced by factors like size, colour, and ink type.

A waiting period of 6-8 weeks post-treatment completion is advised.

Optimal healing time may vary, emphasising the need for patience.


Risks and Considerations of Re-Tattooing


While re-tattooing is generally safe, the presence of scar tissue is a rare complication.

PURE Holistic Beauty ensures your specialist declares any potential issues, offering tailored pre and post-treatment care.


Bonus Beat: Laser Hair Removal and Tattoos—A Love Story


Oh, and did we mention laser hair removal? It’s like the VIP pass to a smoother canvas. Perfect for enhancing your tattoo’s grand reveal!

Yes, you can enhance your tattoo outcome with laser hair removal.

Both treatments, with similarities in light and heat energy usage, complement each other. Laser hair removal creates a smooth canvas for lasting results.

Key Takeaways:


  • Re-tattooing on previously tattooed skin is possible.
  • Laser hair removal enhances tattoo outcomes.
  • PURE Holistic Beauty offers advanced, quicker laser tattoo removal.


Need more help with your tattoo removal treatment?


PURE Holistic Beauty, certified laser specialists, are your go-to for laser tattoo removal treatments. Fully insured and registered with Eastleigh Council, our bespoke consultations ensure expert guidance.

Call 02380 457070 to book a tattoo removal consultation in Netley, Southampton, and embark on your journey to flawless skin.

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