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How to remove skin tags

Skin Tag Removal at Home?

In the age of easy access to information, the allure of DIY solutions is undeniable. However, when it comes to the removal of skin tags, attempting it at home can pose significant risks and complications.

Let’s explore the pitfalls associated with home removal procedures and highlight the benefits of seeking professional expertise, particularly at PURE Holistic Beauty in Netley, Southampton.


The Risks of DIY Skin Tag Removal


Infection Hazards: Home removal methods can increase the risk of infection due to improper sterilisation of tools and inadequate wound care.


Scarring Concerns: DIY removal may lead to scarring, especially when tools are not used correctly or when the skin tag is not removed entirely.


Bleeding Issues: Uncontrolled bleeding is a common problem with home removal attempts, and it may require medical attention.


The Problems Associated with Home Removal


Lack of Expertise: Removing skin tags at home lacks the precision and expertise offered by skincare professionals at PURE Holistic Beauty, Netley, Southampton, the skincare experts in the South Coast.


Limited Access to Tools: DIY methods often involve makeshift tools that may not be suitable for safe and effective removal.


Absence of Consultation: Without professional guidance, individuals might overlook underlying skin conditions or misdiagnose the nature of the skin tag.


Why Choose PURE Holistic Beauty in Netley, Southampton


Expert Skin Care Professionals

At PURE Holistic Beauty, our skincare experts are well-versed in the safe and efficient removal of skin tags.

We are fully insured and registered with Eastleigh Council.


State-of-the-Art Techniques

We utilise advanced techniques that minimise the risk of complications and ensure optimal results.


Confidential and Professional Environment


Our Netley, Southampton location provides a discreet and professional setting for all your skincare needs.

Netley Abbey, Southampton Skin Care Experts on the South Coast: For those seeking a trustworthy solution for skin tag removal, PURE Holistic Beauty is your go-to destination.

Conveniently located in Netley, Southampton, our skincare experts on the South Coast offer a professional environment that prioritises your safety and well-being.


Contact Us For Professional Skin Tag Removal

While the appeal of DIY solutions may be tempting, the risks associated with at home removal of skin tags cannot be ignored.

Choose the safer route by entrusting your skincare needs to the experts at PURE Holistic Beauty in Netley, Southampton. fully insured and registered with Eastleigh Council, Experience professional care, state-of-the-art techniques, and a confidential environment for optimal results.


“The treatment I received was for a very stubborn skin tag. Jacqui at PURE was fantastic, I found her very welcoming and professional. The whole experience was pleasant, and I was put at ease by being talked through the treatment before hand in a calm and reassuring manner. I would recommend PURE to anyone. Five stars are not enough! Thank you” 

– Graham G

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